Local Funeral Home in Frederick, Maryland


The Etchison Years

The Keeney & Basford P.A. Funeral Home was established by John Garrison Etchison in 1848.

Originally called M.R. Etchison and Son, the establishment had several different locations in downtown Frederick—including East Patrick and North Market Street addresses-—before moving into its current location at 106 East Church Street in Frederick, Maryland.
Keeney Portrait — Funeral Directors in Frederick, Maryland
Basford Portrait — Funeral Directors in Frederick, Maryland


The building that now houses the funeral home is known as the Trail Mansion. Built in 1852 by Col. Charles E. Trail, it is a beautiful example of classic Italianate architecture. Of particular note are the front entrance area, the Italian-designed windows and marble fireplaces, and the elaborate ceilings similar to those found in large 19th-century European estates.

For nearly 125 years, the funeral home was owned and operated by the Etchison family with the help of one employee, Frank R. Smith. After the retirement of A. Hart and Marjorie Etchison in 1971, the firm was sold to Frank R. Smith, Donald M. Fadeley, Robert W. Keeney and Richard C.C. Basford.

The present owners, Rick Graf and Keith Roberson, are long-time Keeney & Basford employees who assumed ownership in 2007, and continue to conduct the business based on a history of compassion for and dedication to the Frederick community.

"Keeney & Basford Funeral Home is the longest, continually-operating facility and funeral home in Frederick County."
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